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How to Restore Toshiba laptop to their factory settings in case of corruption?

Post by admin, 1 Sept 2018

There is nothing more demoralizing to a computer user when their computer suffers through system corruption. It is because when corruption happens, all the data becomes inaccessible, and all the applications become non-functional. While there are many ways to fix this issue, they are all extremely precise and need proper facts before they can be implemented. In that scenario, most users choose the best and the final solution; restoration to the factory settings. But why do we actually need such a final troubleshoot?

Why factory restore for Toshiba laptop?

When we talk about laptops, Toshiba laptops do not actually inspire confidence. In case of random computer corruption, pointing out the cause is generally pretty difficult. To that end, we have applied an all-round fix. This fix comes in the form of factory restore. When we restore the computer to it's out of the package state, all the additional applications are deleted, all the data is removed and so the corruptions that came along with them. Toshiba repair centre advises the users to apply the most common steps of restoration.

How to Restore Toshiba laptop to their factory settings in case of corruption?

  • Back-up all the data: your data is going to completely removed during the reformatting process. Therefore, store all your data in external drives beforehand.
  • Turn of your machine: Do not bother with following the proper conventions of shut down. Just hold down the power key for 10 seconds to turn off the Toshiba laptop.
  • Press and hold 0 while holding down the power key: press the 0 key while performing the previous step; keep your finger firmly on that button even if the system is turned off.
  • Release the key once you hear a distinct beeping sound: once the computer is turned off, turn it back on. Release the 0 key once you hear a distinct bleep.
  • You will end up at the recovery screen: you would now see the recovery warning screen, select “Yes” to continue the restoration process.
  • Select restoration preference: Select your reformatting preference as factory default and click on “next” to proceed.
  • Press next again to proceed.

The restoration process can take about 15 minutes to hours; it all depends on your system space. Once the system is fully restored, upload you're backed up data back into the internal Hard Drive. As for the application, only install the ones that are necessary.